Christmas Day 1978 Cover of the Milwaukee Sentinel

From 40 years ago. The Milwaukee Sentinel, Christmas Day 1978 front page … Cover stories included: A young woman from Fort Atkinson was kidnapped on her way home from a holiday party. Demonstrators in Iran rioted, and troops shot into the crowd killing several people. Talks to bring peace to the Middle East were indefinitely stalled. A doctor proclaimed Milwaukee was an idea city for obesity research. A letter to the editor said the President Carter should be “recalled” because he is “inviting the emergence of a dictator and the complete loss of freedom and our life of plenty” because of his acts of “outright treason”. There were no stories about the Green Bay Packers because they weren’t in the playoffs.

It’s amazing that after 40 years so very little has changed.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a terrific New Year!

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