Fashion Trends in the 70s

Fashion Trends in the 70s (in no particular order):

Floppy Hats

Platform Shoes


Wrap Dresses (Which Debuted in the 70’s!)

Bell Bottoms and Bell Sleeves

Crop Tops / Tube Tops / Tops Tied to Show Off the Belly

Denim Shirts and Jackets

Fur and Shearling Coats, Vests, and Stoles

Corduroy (Pants, Jackets, Overalls, etc.)

Hot Pants

High-Waisted Pants and Skirts

Patchwork Clothing

A-Line Skirts

Ruffled Shirts (Victorian and Edwardian Revival / “Teddy Boy” Revival)

Peasant Tops/Skirts/Dresses

Flutter Sleeves (Shirts and Dresses)


Women’s Pantsuits/Business Suits

Leather! (Especially Pants and Jackets)

Tartan Pants/Skirts (Especially in the Punk Music Scene)

Ascot Blouses

See-Through Clothing Items

“Americana” Clothing (Red, White, and Blue)

“Off the Shoulder” Blouses, Dresses, Pantsuits, etc.

Turquoise Jewelry

Knit Sweaters (Paired with Thick Tights and Boots)

Sequins (On Dresses, Jackets, Pantsuits, etc.)

Palazzo Pants


Sweater Dresses

Vests (Especially Long Vests)

Big Hats with Flowers on Them (Victorian Revival)

Baby Doll Dresses


Long Sleeved Mini Dresses

Vests, Coats, and Boots with Fringe


Graphic T-Shirts




Feather Boas

Men’s Leisure Suits

Terrycloth Shirts

Belts (Leather, Braided, Bright Colors, etc.)

Pastels (Especially in Suits)

Bold Prints, Bright Colors, Big Patterns (Paisley, Chevron, Flowers, etc.)

Crocheted Items


Maxi Dresses

Cloche Hats (1920s Revival)

Izod Lacoste Polo Shirts

Newsboy Caps

Knit Caps with Pom Poms

Oversized Sunglasses

Strappy Sandals

Big Hoop Earrings




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