Great Local Breweries Offering Outdoor Drinking Space

The Milwaukee metropolitan area offers more than 50 breweries. They all offer great beers to enjoy with friends. Some also offer great spaces to enjoy their products outdoors. Here are a few breweries that have great outside spaces to enjoy their product.

Up & Coming Outdoor Space in Waukesha

The Raised Grain Brewery is one of the new kids on the blocked since it started in 2016 but it’s off to a fast start. Its Paradocs Red was the Gold Medal Winner at the 2016 Great American Beer Festival. They have recently moved to a new location to increase their production and enlarge the space for the ever growing crowd of people coming to enjoy one of the 12 in-house beers on tap. They also make their own pizza from scratch. What more could you want except for a nice patio to enjoy it on and that’s in the works. Should be done in a couple of weeks. Expect to see Scott Gessay and Don Kindt there if you go. And you should, you won’t be disappointed.

Great Space for a Really Big Crowd


Third Space Brewing at 1505 W. St. Paul Avenue, Milwaukee

It’s a very large parking lot but it’s usually filled with people who are enjoying the sun and great beer. Best of all, if you have a large crowd you’ll be able to find space to drink together. Check the Third Space Brewing website to see what beers they’re serving and what events are upcoming.

Great Spot for Pre- & Post-Brewer Game Drinking or Any Other Time You’re Thirsty

City Lights

City Lights Brewing at 2200 West Mount Vernon Avenue, Milwaukee

The patio space that City Lights Brewing offers is unique. First, you’re on a pea stone patio not concrete. It gives the area a completely different feel. Second, on the south side of space is a canal. Boaters area always coming and going. Third, in addition to a great variety of beer they have a large selection of food. Lastly, you’re just a short shuttle trip away from Miller Park. You can grab the shuttle and be at the ballpark in a few minutes.

Drinking Along the River

Lakefront Brewery

Lakefront Brewery at 1872 N. Commerce Street, Milwaukee

Lakefront Brewery has become an institution. It delivers an excellent product, great food and some of the best service you’ll find around Milwaukee. Even better, is that it all comes together along the Milwaukee River (which is much better than it was back in our youth for those of you that haven’t been around in a while). While you enjoy a fine drink at the Lakefront patio space, you’ll see the river bustles with activity and so does the patio space. It’s always a crowd of people from all walks of life.

Drink Above the Crowded Streets

Good City

Good City Brewing at 2108 N. Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee

When you drink on the large rooftop deck at Good City, you can see nearly all of Milwaukee’s Eastside. You leave the street noise and commotion behind to enjoy the sun and a good beer. Always a lively spot.

A Great Place in a Mall – Really, It’s a Great Place


Explorium Brewpub at 5300 S. 76th Street (Southridge Mall)

The Explorium is in Southridge Mall. A lot of people are apprehensive about a brewpub in a mall. Don’t worry about. This spot isn’t a franchise. It’s a very fun spot where you’ll usually spot the owners running around making beer or talking with patrons. The food is well done and the beer is excellent. It’s well-worth it to got to Explorium to enjoy its outdoor space and ignore the mall. At night, there’s a fire pit and a pretty good crowd.

Drink Surrounded By Beer History

Milwaukee Brewing Company

Milwaukee Brewing Company at 1128 N. 9th Street, Milwaukee

When you enjoy the beers at the Milwaukee Brewing Company on 9th Street, you’re drinking in what used to be the heart of the Pabst Brewery complex. It’s a neat area that’s hitting a new stride and Milwaukee Brewing is leading the way.

The spot overlooks downtown Milwaukee and it is just a few blocks from the FIserve Forum so it’s a great place for drinks before an event or just to enjoy a weekend afternoon.

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