25-Reasons to Attend Your 40-Year Class Reunion

Great ideas on why you should attend this once in a lifetime event.

  1. You’ve got nothing to prove.
  2. No one can relive the experiences you had like the friends who were there with you when it happened.
  3. Few events offer the opportunity to go back in time and laugh like a teenager.
  4. This party doesn’t involve puffy prom dresses, dyed to match shoes, or big hair – though you might see a few photos of just that.
  5. You know high school didn’t define you.
  6. Even though your life didn’t follow the road map you had planned, you know deep down your path has been uniquely yours.
  7. Even with the best of intentions, you really don’t get together with those high school Facebook friends.
  8. You look better than you’ve ever looked before.
  9. You feel better than you’ve ever felt before.
  10. You are so not who you were back then.
  11. You want to remember who you were back then.
  12. You can’t hear the infectious laugh of the classmate who sat behind you in geometry, see an ex-boyfriend’s smiling blue eyes, or hug your former locker neighbor on Facebook.
  13. To introduce your husband to the girlfriends who got you through your first heartbreak.
  14. It is sure to be chock full of status worthy Facebook postings or fodder for your blog.
  15. Even if you’re recently divorced, have a bit less hair, lost your job or wear a few extra pounds, you are still who you are, only better.
  16. It is a great way to show your partner where you came from.
  17. And an even better way to see how far you’ve come.
  18. Group memories are best shared as a group.
  19. At a reunion, everyone shows up older, and then grows young again.
  20. Your classmates know just what it is like and just how it feels to be 58.
  21. To talk about your high school glory days, not to relive them, but to tell your classmates “I’m glad we went through it together” makes for a great evening.
  22. The “I didn’t like anyone then”, “I still talk to everyone I want to talk to”, and “everything there is to know about anyone is on Facebook” excuses are predictable and ordinary.  You are neither.
  23. Rarely in life do you get to look back through a new lens.
  24. Being someone’s “friend” on Facebook does not mean you know anything about them other than what they did last Friday night.
  25. Because you can.

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