40-Year Reunion Celebration

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nearly 100 classmates gathered with their spouses and friends to celebrate their lives and the friendships that started decades ago when we all came together at Brookfield Central High School. It was a beautiful night filled with laughter and hugs as many classmates embraced old friends they hadn’t seen in quite some time — in some cases they hadn’t talked since graduation. Others picked up conversations that were started the night before at O’Donoghue’s. Everyone had a wonderful evening.

It was a wonderful evening. Most felt it ended way too soon.
Classmates at the reunion that attended Wisconsin Hills Junior High School.
Pilgrim Park Junior High School alumni.
Classmates who attended Leland Elementary School.
Classmates at the 40-Year Reunion that attended Linfield Elementary School.
BCHS Classmates at the Reunion that attended St. John Vianney Catholic Grade School.

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