Class of 1979 Toured BCHS 40-Years After Graduating

More than two dozen classmates from the Class of 1979 along with spouses and friends toured Brookfield Central High School as part of our 40-Year Reunion. The tour was led by Mr. Pete Wysocki, a BCHS staff member that started his career at BCHS the same year we started attending the school. It was great fun to see the old building. It’s far from what it was when we were attending class. It’s undergone more than $100 million worth of modifications and additions since we graduated. While the building has gone through some big changes, it still looked very familiar to everyone who participated in the tour. The most common comment heard as we went from one wing to another was “I remember it being bigger.” The culmination of the tour was a visit to the new varsity gym. Mr. Wysocki was proud to point to the banners hung across all the gym walls and said “In most high schools, banners like these represent conference championships. Here at BCHS, they’re are for state champions and championships.” It was good to see the school that was regarded as one of the best in the state when we attended is maintaining that reputation today.

BCHS Class of 1979 members that toured BCHS on Saturday morning.

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