Senior Wills

It was almost 40 years ago when we held our Senior Banquet to celebrate our graduation at the Marc Plaza Hotel (now known as the Hilton). It was a long established tradition that members of the senior class created “wills”. They were distributed in a booklet at the banquet. Here the wills are as they appeared:

I, B.J. Randquist would like to will good luck, hope, happiness, prosperity and success to all my fellow classmates.

I, Dave Merkel would like to will my School Board files to Jeff Liotta, my filing cabinet in the Legend office to Brian Anderson, the original keys to the Legend office I will to my successor, and lastly a thought that has kept me going throughout high school…I will it to whomever feels that he or she can use it best. The thought is this, “When you stop trying, you start dying.”

I, Vic Verhasselt would like to will my new car to Ken Schmitz because he has an ugly VW Bug with no muffler on it. I would also like to leave a wig for George Velguth’s skin head.

I, Jennifer Tribble would like to will my PSAT-NMSQT, SAT, ACT, TSWE, JETS-NEAT, etc. to Mr. George Frontz.

I, Dean Fabritz will Mr. Scheeve all the dirt in the color darkroom.

I, Debbie Felker would like to will Mr. Methaler two brand-new red ball-point pens, so he has one for each hand while correcting next year’s term papers. To Mr. Chucky Keller, I leave the eraser Michelle Kinscher and I used to help us along with his Algebra II tests. To Michelle Kinscher I leave a gallon of gasoline, so she will make it to the graduation ceremonies without running out of gas.

I, Patti would like to will Claire a perpetually full “Sucrets” box.

I, Kerry Leiser would like to will a straight-jacket to Lynn Gallob.

I, Wad would like to wish Judy and Marianne the best of luck in Minnesota next year.

I, Karen Zimmerman would like to will Mrs. Lewin enough sale for salt gargles to cure Central’s chronic sore throats, and to my cousin at BCHS resistance against all the sicknesses here, and to Pam Gibson extra tall high heel shoes to keep the guys at G.T. from swinging her off her feet; that is unless she likes the feeling of floating in mid-air with her feet off the ground. To Carmen Kahler, I will time away from school to come visit all her friends in Brookfield, including me.

I, Julie Neal would like to will Tina Lassen a complete price list of chicken babies.

Anonymously, I would like to will Principal Boie my 6,000 dead bees that I never got to use. To George Elliot, I will my abilities to upset Mr. Boie and Mr. Charlesworth at basketball games except when I’m there.

I, Cindy Hamburger would like to will Jill Spruill a number 3 from all the senior boys.

I, Amy Ryder would like to will Dan Choren an extra pencil. To Karen Luterbach, I will all the drinks at Bryant’s she can handle. To Leslie Doucette, I will a living bra and a discount on Bell Telephone’s long-distance plan. And to Pam Blomberg, all the banana splits her “little” tummy can handle.

I, Ken Siedenburg would like to will Mr. E a naked picture of swamp woman…just because I know he’d love it. To Tracey Amundson, I would like to will one dozen roses because I can afford a “real” dozen. To Mark Stemberger, I will $2.35 to see if he can put “that” up his nose! Miss Smith, to you I will a big, RICH man, just because she wants one (or two). To Don Kindt, I will a poo-poo cushion, because he’d have a lot of fun with it! To Mark Sorenson, I will a year’s membership to Rick’s Bar & Grill. This membership includes all the leopard underwear he can handle!

I, Diane Phillips would like to will Betsy Orin a night in the bathroom with the Fairy Princess of Whitewater. To Jane Nellen, I will one dance with “The Gnat”!

I, Claire would like to will Patti a 20-pound bag of M&Ms to last her through the summer at the factory.

I, Julie Rossman would like to will Karen Weston two bottles of Chella in honor of B&Bs from Tennessee.

I, Ken Roerden would like to will ulcer fighters and tranquilizers to the entire faculty who will need them for all three classes that will be here in two years.

I, Jeff “Tex” Ritter would like to will my AFS brother, Dario Zaldivar 3-feet and Stu Deardorff (who needs this the most) 5-feet of my 40-footer (folded in half that is) leaving me with a mere 32-footer (folded in half, of course) to work with!

I, Gina Hankinson would like to will Tracey Amundson one carrot and one balloon from the hallway. To Monica Gross, I will a complete book of rules of baseball and some jingling bracelets. To Lisa Hutterer, some turpentine to get the glue off our fingers and some Fa-Fas. To Fred Heinzelman, I will one bag of Fritos!

We, Michelle Kinscher and Cathy LaBracke would like to will Mrs. “Jan” Martin a permanent pass to Nino’s.

I, Gail Bruni would like to will a lifetime-supply of York’s’ Peppermint Patties to the one and only Tracy Carson.

I, Cheryl Sattler would like to will Dave Davel one box of Saran Wrap (11-1/2” x 666 yards, 2000 square feet) and a pickle to be create with – Go to it Dave! To Karen Kennedy, I would like to will a chance to get “SMALL”. To Con Buddy, I would like to will a song and a million smiles. To Mike Herro, I will an early retirement.

I anonymously would like to will a quarter-barrel to Dina Droegkamp so she can prove to one and all the reasons for which she got her nickname: “Q.B. Dina”.

I, Jeff Mierow would like to will my golf clubs to Mr. Naumann.

I, Jeff Tetzlaff would like to will Laura Marshall, my biceps and chest – especially my chest because I think she might need it. Also, I would like to will her a police flashlight and a book of 101 wise comments to say to a cop when you’re in trouble. I would like to will John Cloutier all my dirtiest thoughts because I no longer have them. I would like to will Otto a punch in the mouth for New Year’s and to Jody I would like to will a board so he can karate it.

I, Nancy Behnke would like to will Sue Lipscomb the right to sit in my backyard anytime she wants to. To Kitty Meyer, I will 10,000 Kit Kat bars and 62,114 glasses of beer and one piece of “sickly” popcorn for next year.

I, Cheryl Weber would like to will Nelly Bush front row seats to every R.E.O. concert to come. To Tina Lassen, I will Faith Hartnett’s front ditch. To Dairo, I will my broken Ford Pinto. To “Tex” Ritter, I will one-million pennies.

I, Julie Rossman would like to will to Tina Lassen a box of currents in honor of Mrs. Morgan.

I, Julie Neal would like to will Anne Bergenthal a megaphone, to Jane Wollensak part of my bronchitis. To Cheryl Weber, I will a pair of socks and a bag lunch. To Phyllis Powell, I will my saying, “Iran and I feel”.

I, May Szabo would like to will the thrill of hoping to graduate to any junior interested.

I, Nancy Ring would like to will to Tom Graf all my “smut” books (and he’s the only one who knows who many I have).

I, Mark Schaefer would like to will Mr. Kreklow (Video King) video recorders, video cameras, video tapes, movie cameras, movie projectors, movies, video TV games, tape recorders, and a record player.

I, Marsha Marks would like to will all my fantastic disco dancing records to Mrs. Kein and Miss Knudsen in hopes that they’ll be the next “Ginger and Fred”.

I, Betsy Orin would like to will Mrs. Weber my “three types of correcting devices” and all of my “Ums”. To Miss Smith, I will my book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” so that she will have better luck with the juniors next year. To Mr. Kreklow, I would like to will one-ton of Tootsie Rolls so that all the juniors and sophomores can always play “Current Events”.

I, Dick Smith would like to will to Mr. Keller the number five so that he will always remember that you don’t make stupid bets.

I, Phyl Powell would like to will Julie Neal my pair of hedge clippers to keep her “bush” trimmed. I would like to also will to Miss Anne E. Hutchinson a roll of toilet paper and a ladder for future escapades. To Anne “Bergie” Berganthal, I will a ticket to Wake Forest, North Carolina to visit a friend of hers and also my “SIRK” t-shirt, (and the Gille’s sundae that I owe her from two Super Bowls ago.)

I, Evelyn Ehlers would like to will: to my gold dust twin all my Saturday night data, to Laurie Tomazevic a high turtleneck for evenings in the part, to Carol Johnson, from the senior boys, a number 2, just what she always wanted, to Jill Spruill a night out with her lover, Shaun Cassidy.

We, Kate O’Connor, Jill Spruill and Cindy Hamburger would like to will that one day when we will gain revenge on Paul Schilling.

We, the senior girls, would like to will Bill Burrington one bottle of Faberge perfume so he can give it to Michelle Kinscher.

I, Anne Hutchinson would like to will Julie Neal a new middle name and a case of Bayer aspirin.

I, Doug Hay would like to will Peter “Rabbit” Wysocki some matching clothes.

I, Julie would like will Raino one $180 diamond ring that will never be seen again.

We, Patti and Claire would like to will Margaret a book on “How to Keep Your Boyfriend from Finding Out About Your ‘Dirty’ Past”.

I, Tracey Amundson would like to will to Gina Hankinson my carrot sticks, scrap book, my Starsky poster and a little hip action for Ester. With Cindy Peters I would like to will a vat of rum and Coke. To Stu and Dave – Cheers! To Ken, my H.L.D.P. and probably the best baseball player, I will seven new tricks, 26-scoops of “Town Pride” (chocolate, of course) and eight pounds of Mr. Bubble XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO-XOXOXOX (no bricks) don’t forget a scrunch from “J”!

I, Wendy Ericson would like to will all my books to the unfortunate kids that show up for school next year.

I, Mark Brooks wish my classmates could share my vision of an incredible future where phones wouldn’t have wires, cancer will be immensely survivable, and our TVs would deliver information as far ranging as anything you would find in the library.

I, Lisa Hutterer would like to will Gina Hankinson 25 truckloads of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

I, Pam Gibson would like to will two-pounds of mixed Ju-Ju beans to Cindy Hamburger, a free pass to Waukesha’s McDonalds to Karen Zimmerman, a round-trip ticket to the square town of Iron Ridge to Elaine Ranthum, and to Laura Hodgson, five-points at the beginning of our next badminton match so she can win.

I, Brad Dinsmoor would like to will my body to the science department so they may study the detrimental effects that band has on the human body.

We, Cathy LaBracke and Michelle Kinscher would like to will Mr. Gulrud a pair of stilts and a permanent pass.

I, Kitty Meyer would like to will to Mary Fuller one bottle of root beer and one bottle of vodka, To Jane Nellen, I will a lifetime supply of things to laugh at.

I, Colleen O’Connor would like to will Jane Wollensak a lot of “wuv”, Sue Boknevitz 180 nights of undisturbed sleep and a decisive boyfriend, to Cheryl Weber a beef potpie, a bag of Tostitos, and one night off work. To Anne Hutchinson and Phyl Powell, I will lifetime memberships in the NOW regiment under Samantha Still-go-far Carin Skinner of the Old Toll Road Gift Shop.

I, Anne Bergenthal would like to will Jane Wally my BO to go with Oby and a couple of Do-Yas and a “heartache”. To Phyl, I will Russell. It’s because she has him anyway (now, it’s official). Las, some extra sleeves because she has to room with Nellie next year. I will especially a lot of patience to anyone rooming near Davel and S’Lobster at Lacrosse. To Stu, some slippers because he is such a dad and to Harty I will a hub because she’s my Lacrosse buddy.

I, John Tixie would like to will my locker to Susie Walz and Cathy LaBracke so they can have some room and order since they’re refused it all year.

I, Lauri Bell would like to will to a good friend four Old-Fashions and two aspirins for sleeping too long the next day.

I, Jill Spruill would like to will a great summer to all my friends.

I, Sharon Gay would like to will Peggy Straub my 45-rpm record of “We Are Family”.

I, Carmen Kahler would like to will Karen Zimmerman her uniforms, a few patients to experiment on and a bed pan to start her off on her nursing career.

I, Faith Hartnett would like to will an Olsa Nooky 44 to Jane Wollensak.

I, Julie Neal would like to will Faith Hartnett and Jane Wollensak a Wednesday afternoon and the necessities that go along with it.

We, Faith Hartnettt and Julie Neal would like to will Nancy Bast a ride straight home from Supertramp – no stops.

I, anonymous would like to will Sue B. all the memories we share together: Songs of praise, smile, laughs, Florida, memories we will keep forever. Best of luck for you in your future.

I, Laura Hodgson would like to will my ABC records to Cathy Hughes, some of my height to Pam Gibson, my season tickets to the Melody Top to Mrs. Costello and my clothes and undies to Beth.

I, Lori would like to will Lori: Drive-ins, memories of Craig, parking tickets, guys, nights on the town, UW! For Enges: trip to N.O.’ memories of S.R.I. & C.I., fun at M.X. For Tom, the best of everything and memories.

I, Judith Marie Smith would like to will my street, Valley Ridge Drive to Kay L. Seymer and Karen M. Kennedy. I would also like to will to Kenny Siedenburg a lifetime supply of shoes and Kermit the Frog posters.

A Turtle Girl would like to will a Turtle Woman a lemon juice bottle, phosphates, and a bowl of them Os. To Lisa, Judy and Linda, I will the best summer possible, tuna sandwiches and a jar of Kosher pickles.

I, Tina Lassen would like to will: A class of Egyptian sign language and a boy on the book to Wally, a car burglar outfit, a plastic jump rope and rubber worms to N.B., a “Mr. Microphone” to Anne Bergie so that she doesn’t have to go through life repeating herself, a key to my house for Breeze so she doesn’t have to scream for me on the stairs, an entire box of Pop Tarts to Nelley to drive to Madison in, and Cheryl Weber’s Ford Pinto to anyone dumb enough to want it.

I, Pam Blomberg would like to will “ADVERSITY” to Mr. Bandetini. To Komro, I will some common sense and a try at a real teaching degree and ability. To Mrs. Mann, I wish the best of luck after she gets out of this place. To Mackers, I would like to give my “bird legs”. To Jane Nellen, I want to leave a case of Butterfinger candy bars and a night with BRUCE! To Kerry Harthun, I will another chance at TPing what’s his name’s house. And finally, I would like to will to Karen Luterbach a lifetime personal typist!

We, Faith Harnett and Jane Wollensak, will Julie Neal a carton of cigarettes every Wednesday.

I, C.S. would like to will all the best things in life to S.B. Your friendship is a present I gave myself. May your smiles light the darkness, may the wind always be at your back, may the road always rise to meet your feet, and may his song always fill your heart. So many memories and yet so much ahead…always remember…” You’ve got a friend”. To Cow, I will sunshine…a little sunbeam touched my heart when I was feeling low-apart, It shone right through the gloom and fray and brightened up my life that day…It made me feel so happy-hearted I checked on where that sunbeam started and wouldn’t you know…it’s the other end was in the smile of one called “friend”. Bets to you I will joy. Thanks for all your smiles…” Happiness is good. The place to be happy is here, the time to be happy is now, the way to be happy is to help make others happy.”

I, Steve Yelle would like to will my sexual urges to Cindi Streiff to be used only on people with the mistletoe credit card.

We, Dave Davel, Jeff Knauf and Jay Scott will the tradition of stealing the BEHS Spartan head to John Cloutier, George Elliot and John Kestly.

I, Carol Johnson would like to will Bill Walker two boxes of No-Doze which he will need if he expects to grind as hard in college as he did in high school.

I, Rory Hemp would like to will a lifetime supply of dimes for the phone to Mark Sorenson, a lower fence in my front yard to lessen the dangers of a midnight ride for Ken Siedenburg and Deker Kindt, a lifetime supply of bows to Betsy Anderson, to Lauren Giest a videotape of herself singing “Shattered”, to John Keppler a rope to keep hold of people he’s giving rides home to, to Mr. Fonstad real footrests for all his desks, to Nancy Benke stock Gille’s, to Jay Keuper a purse of his own, and to Mrs. Swadzinski, a life-size poster of Jim Robinson.

I, Jon Reinemann would like to will three rabbits and a Playboy bunny to Mr. Kvool.

I, Mark Stemberger would like to will my body to Rory Hemp.

We, Jackie McCartan, Betsy Orin, Jack DeCloux, Michelle Cobus, and Pam Blomberg would like to will to Mrs. Webber a class of quiet, respectable girls with “proper attitudes” for next year’s Secretarial Procedures class, but to show her our appreciation for putting up with use, we will her a swizzle chair.

I, Mark Veenhuis would like to will to this school smoke alarms for the bathrooms, a parking space for each senior, an auditorium, hot water for the shows, unlimited towel supply, one laser battery, two photo torpedoes, a clock in the front of every room set correctly a very precise bell system, one used car dealership, a pyrotechnics club, a computer terminal for every room and one critical mass of Plutonium.

I, anonymous would like to will Greg Gilsinger a dead boutonniere from Senior Ball…would you like a garter too?

I, Brian Campbell would like to will the best times of my last four years and my best memories to remain in this school.

I, Mary Elizabeth Diez would like to will my nutrient charts to Mrs. Morgan, my locker ball patterns to Mrs. Kein, my ulcer to Mr. Allen, my hair to Ralph Wiegmann and Keith Sams, and to Karen Valley I will my typing teacher.

I, Michael O’Leary would like to will Tim Hartnett fingers to eat his French fries and to Jeff Knauf a 1968 Corvette.

I, Prudence would like to will Dave Lynch some of my tanning ability and most of all a hassle-free summer.

We, Concerned Citizens would like to will Jeff Knauf free driving lessons at Arcade.

I, Susie Walz would like to will Betsy Anderson a lifetime supply of ribbons.

I, Bill Walker would like to will Mr. Teicher a new reverseable ski sweater and a hair pick for his new mop.

I, Mary Pelland would like to will my portable bar to Jill Thieme, fully-stocked.

I, Lori O’Dwyer would like to will Lori #1: burgers, Big Mack, beer, booze, boys and blankets. To Cathy, I will: 10 toilets in Mad City. To Buddy, lots of backroom fun and Enges, a lifetime supply of Alka-Selzer.

I, Jill Spruill would like to will to Mr. Pechacek three years of assignments from Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, and Statistics for which he was my teacher.

I, the apathetic worm would like to leave the centerfold (though I never will really return it) to Mrs. Mann. Thanx!

I, Mike Smith would like to will Deker a free pass for drinks to Ricky’s. To Kenny, I will a new can of brown shoe polish for his nose. To Steve Yelle, I leave my girlfriend and to Dick Smith I leave four-inches so he can be a big boy now! P.S. I leave Jeff Mierow a box of Kleenex for those littles messes that he makes.

I, The Gun would like to will a bucket of popcorn and the pole on the main stage at Ricky’s on State Street to Kenny Siedenburg in the hope that he can get a date with Leanne or Karrie and lose his virginity.

I, Maggie Bergmann would like to will Mr. Melter all the chemistry homework that I didn’t understand and only he knows how much that was!

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